Ability Guide

Please read these guidelines carefully as they will help you choose the right trip for you in order to enjoy your holiday according to your own level and expectations.

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The ability level stated for each trip is the minimum level required.

Physical level:

Level 1

You are an active person. You do gentle exercise at least twice a week. You are able to cope with a 3-4 hours non-stop effort a day at a gentle aerobic pace such as walking or cycling for 2-4 consecutive days.

Level 2

You cycle 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes (road or mtb). You can cycle at an aerobic pace with short anaerobic sections without excessive fatigue. You are able to cycle 4-5 hours per day, able to climb 600 meters vertical ascent a day for 3-5 days and can push or carry your bike uphill or downhill on short sections (a few meters).

Level 3

You are mtb fan and cycle for at least 1& 1/2hrs 3-4 times a week. You can ride at heavy pace for short periods (15 minutes) are able to cope with longer anaerobic efforts (3-5 minutes). You are comfortable with cycling more than 5 hours at steady pace per day, able to climb more than 1000 meters vertical ascent a day (over a period of 5 days including hike-a-bike sections of more than 10 minutes).

Level 4:
You cycle 4 times or more a week for 1&1/2hrs or more. You able able to cycle long distances and have a serious aerobic base to cope with long efforts. You can sustain long anaerobic efforts ( 7-10 minutes) several times a day . You are able to climb more than 1500 meters vertical ascent a day over 6 days. You have been involved in racing, or been prepared and trained for mtb events. You can push or carry your bike on long sections on technical trails( more than 20 minutes).

Level 5:

You are a robot , you can ride more than 27 hours a day at race speed. The guys of Tour de France are just little boys for you. You cycle uphill faster than a motorbike and have thighs of steel. You make our guides feel inadequate. Thank you!

Technical Level and ability

Level 1

You can ride on rolling singletrack and double jeep tracks . You can manage your speed, your balance and the brakes.

Level 2
You can control your balance uphill and downhill on loose gravels, rocks roots. You feel confident riding single tracks with few roots and rocks. You able able to go up and down steps. You would like to progress.

Level 3

You are experienced and have ridden in different situations ( dust, gravel, rocks, mud...) and different types of single tracks. You are not afraid of steep single tracks, you like the technical challenge and to improve your skills. You can cope with tight corners and would like to progress . You are confident in riding with little exposure .

Level 4

You have several years of riding experience on all types of terrain. You like the challenge and enjoy riding narrow technical single tracks. You love and search for tight corners. You are able to climb technical trails and not afraid to do little jumps for fun on downhill trails. You are confident in any conditions, terrains and exposure.

Level 5

You are supernatural. You come from another planet. You can follow an Ibex on your bike ,talk about philosophy with him while knitting a pair a woolen socks for your grandmother. You fly downhill over rocks and drop off doing 55 tricks still not named in one single jump.

Whereas we are only humans!!